Apr 29, 2004

Things I Need

Man I need a haircut.
And a desk.
And motivation to do more than just post here.
Better typing skills too. (See how I didn't make it all ironic by putting a typo in here)

Things I Want

$50 Million Dollars (I'd spend it well, trust me)
An awesome job
The new Kylie Mingoue album

Look for this list to be updated

Quotes today provided from the wonderful Ultimate FF #5:

"Oh thank God! Now he's on fire." - Prof. Storm

"Well, the way I see it, clearly I've gone ape#$%^ insane. Or I'm in a coma having a fantasy dream or something - so, guess I might as well be the hero in it. Ftoom!!! Probably could have thought that through a little more." - Ben

"If I wasn't on fire right now, I would have genuinely been impressed by that." - Johnny

"Man I really hope that thing ain't my sister." - Johnny

"Anyone else, like, totally freaked out like I don't know what?"
"As I said before, believe that this is not actually happening, so I'm fine." - Johnny and Ben

Apr 25, 2004

Comic Hits! X-Men draft!

Good week for comics, despite being a two Austen week (which also luckily means a two Larroca week). Both NXM 156 and UX 443 were improvements on their most recent predecessors. It looks liek the most of the New X-Men characters will be bussed to Astonishing, where Whedon will do wonders with them. Meanwhile, Uncanny characters will move to the adjectiveless X-Men, and X-Treme X-Men will now be Uncanny. The only major shifts are that Claremont trades Rogue and Gambit for Nightcrawler, and Whedon drafts Shadowcat from Claremont. Wolvie, will of course be in all three titles, plus his own book, plus Weapon X. What can I say, he must be a helluva multi-tasker.

Cable/DP 2 came out, and while nto as funny, moved the story a long nicely. It looks like the current score is Cable 2, Deadpool 1. "Well blow my mind" hehe. Runaways continues to be the most consistently good book out there, aside from maybe X-statiX. Finally, New Mutants second arc concludes. Good stuff, with a lot of character development going on all around, some very obvious, some more subtle. The art however, was pretty bad, as Beast looked completely different in every other panel. One more issue for this book and then a promotion to full fledged core book. Good for them.

Apr 24, 2004

Much needed weekend!

It was a helluva week, and I am sooooo glad the weekend is here. Jesse and Emma are home this weekend for a wedding, so I've been running around the apartment naked with a stick.

Haven't seen Kill Bill vol 2 yet, and I feel like I am the only one on earth who hasn't. I did see the Punisher however, and though it was pretty entertaining, but nothing great. Here's how it fits in the grand scheme of Marvel Movies:

1. X2
2. Spider-Man
3. The Hulk
4. Daredevil
5. X-Men
6. Blade 2
7. Punisher
8. Blade

I know I may get complaints about the CG fest that was Blade 2 higher than the original, but I found it to be a much more entertaining film than the original, though the Blood Rave scene from Blade is soooooooo freaking cool. I suspect Blade 3 will rank even higher than the original, and fully expect Spider-Man 2 to top the list in a about a month.

Quote of the Day: "You don't choose to be a sorority girl, you're born one." Erin
Movie of the Day: "Don Juan Demarco" starring Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando
Song of the Day: "What About Me" Keith Urban

Apr 20, 2004

Quote of the Night!

"Personality starts in the crotch area" - if you can tell me where it's from, you get a No-Prize!

- In unrelated news, I desperately need a desk. If anyone would like to donate one, that'd be great.
- In even further unrelated news, Jesse and I hung out today. Actually that's a dirty lie, I haven't seen the boy in almost 24 hours.
- And not news at all, Emma's still a mark.

Comics: Haven't done this in a few weeks, so there's a bunch, so I'll be brief.

The OK: New X-Men 155, the start of the Austen era; Uncanny X-Men 442, the end of the Austen era; Emma Frost 10, it's all still setup; New Mutants 11, I don't like covers that showcase characters not within the issue; X-Treme X-Men 45, not nearly enough Rachel for her return issue; and Thanos 9, finally stuff begins to happen.

The Good: Ultimates 13, an arc finally ends, Hulk eats some aliens, and the title is a hint at Dr. Stranglove; EXiles 45, a good Austen story; and Weapon X 21, I did not see that coming!

The Very Good: Ultimate X-Men 44, it's like Ult X 3, but better! X-StatiX 21, I can't wait for Thor vs Doop! 1602 8, everything is wrapped up neatly, and not nearly how I'd expected.

Apr 15, 2004

Happy Tax Day!

Here's a shout out to all of the hardworking CPA's out there (mostly my dad). Here's a couple of comics just for them:

Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis

Big Changes!

Ominous music plays. It looks like Annie won't have to wait to post comments. Thanks to www.enetation.co.uk, I appear to have fixed the comment problem. So comment away kiddies! In another stroke of technical genuis, I also got rid of the useless edit me links to the left and am able to put real ones. So there's ahoy-matey.com, previosuly dwain.net. I know it hasn't been updated in awhile! I amctually have the rebuild almsot done and hope to post it in the next week or so. So someone comment away so I know people are reading this!

A note from one Annie Borkowski:
sexybicho: dwain, i'm a big fan of the webble (and I agree, much better than blog, in fact blog doesn't even compare) but there is no way to post my support on your webpage....or is that the point? are you trying to rule the world thru your webpage, a tyrannical rule that leaves no room for even a supporter to speak out? dwain, you are so evil.

The easy answer, Annie is yes. I am evil. Actually blogger doesn't support comments right now but I think maybe it will in the future. I'll keep you updated chica, and in the meantime repost your stuff here like I've done.

Apr 14, 2004

Me on the cancellation of yet another good scripted show: Networks are so stoopid. It'll probably be replaced with the swan 2: electric bugaloo.

Big comic post coming tommorrow, and a big movie update this weekend after I see Punisher and Kill Bill v2
Quote of the Night

Spike: I'm listening. With Beer.

Apr 13, 2004


- Mom dreamt she was on "The Apprentice" last night.
- Bush will lose the election in November because he preempted "24".
- If Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles takes a 100 hours to complete, Matt should finish it in about 4 days.
- Computer virus makers should be given life sentences without parole. They may not have girlfriends now but they'll be girlfriends in jail.
- New Angel and Smallville tommorrow - Woo! and Eh! respectively
- Starting a media watchdog association - still debating names and purposes.
- O yeah, Emma's still a mark.

Song: "Wooden Nickels" - Eels

Apr 6, 2004

Get Fuzzy!

Going to try something new here. Let's see if I can post a picture of one of my fave comic strips, get fuzzy.

We'll see if it worked...

Apr 4, 2004

It's the return of the mad furniture mover!

I did a much needed rearranging of the bedroom today, hanging a tapestry over the closet doorway (so I don't have to always be staring at my dirty laundry) and set up both a little work area for the computer and pull out the ole coleman chair and set it to maximum relaxation. In other productive furniture news, I temporarily fixed my recliner, with only a pair of pliars and some speaker wire (call me MacGuyver).

Oh, and everyone went to IKEA this weekend except for me, which is OK because I have no money.

Chapter one of the story is almost done! Well maybe not almost, but I am making a lot of progress.

Alias got picked up for antoher season. Woohoo! Some cute Argentinian actress is going to play Syd's sister. Woohoo! Wait, sister?

Today in history: MLK Jr was assassinated (1968) and Pres. William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia (1841)

Song of the Day: "Without You" by the Pietasters.

Apr 1, 2004

Comic Reviews

Here's links to my two new reviews on mutanthigh.com:

Cable and Deadpool 1

Weapon X