May 2, 2006

DC will own Marvel two summers in a row...

New Superman Returns trailer

Bush spoofs himself

Bush goes toe to toe with himself in a fun self-roast at the National Press Correspondants dinner.

"We need to unite - Republicans, Democrats, and John McCain"

May 1, 2006

Save Darfur

Thanks to evereyone who came to the Save Darfur rally (even you Pelosi). It was a great overall, and hopefully it raised some awareness for the crisis going on in the Sudan. Plus, how often do Elie Wiesel, Barack Obama, Big and Rich, and George Clooney hang out? Actually, I hear they're in a fantasy baseball league together, so probably pretty often.

Here's a picture of Big and Rich performing yesterday - and if you haven't gone online to fill out an electronic postcard to President Bush, please do so now!