Jan 29, 2008

Poke the Frost Giant Again!

I'm trying to get on a schedule - posting twice a week (once on Sat and another Tues night/Wed morn)

So the Yeti is still stuck in the secret entrance, and look who else is back:

Jibidy 90!

Come back on Saturday for the next exciting episode!

Jan 26, 2008

Jibidy Hard 2: Jibidy Harder!

Well, Billy found the rest of the crew - that is, most of them. Aren't we missing someone?

Jibidy 89!

I've got the next few pages in the can, so expect a couple more this week.

Tonight: The last Saturday at Dr. Dremo's. A single tear for the last James Brown Ale I may ever have.

Jan 23, 2008

Yippee-ki-yay, lego pirate...

Jibidy 88 - Jake, Jibidy, and Co. are wandering the the ducts of the Viking fortress. Who knew Vikings installed such extensive ductwork?

Jan 22, 2008


There's a writer's strike still going on, so let's get right to the awards (for the nominees, scroll down or go to here):

Best New TV Show: Chuck - this show gets better and better with every episode. A near perfect balance a cool, geekiness, and hilarity.

Best Returning TV Show: Lost - still the best show on TV. Can't wait for season 4. Bones would have won if the category was "most improved show".

Biggest disappointment on TV this year: Veronica Mars' cancellation - as much as a bitch about Heroes, watching a another brilliant show go out before its time was really too too sad.

Best Movie I saw in the Theater: Transformers - shut it. It was awesome.

Best Movie I got from Netflix (might not be '07 films): Dhoom 2 - no contest. If you are a fan of Bollywood, go see this. If not, you'll probably hate this musical version of Bad Boys/Entrapment.

Worst Movie I got from
Irish American Ninja - tough call. I know Who Killed me was reaaaly bad.

Best Album: Modest Mouse: "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank" - another awesome album from beginning to end.

Best Comics Series or Miniseries: X-Factor - the little x-book that could.

Best Comics Moment: Cyclops unleashed in Astonishing X-Men #23 - the panel that finally sold me on Cyclops being a badass. It's only taken you fifteen years, Marvel.

Best Book I read:No Plot, No Problem! by Chris Baty - super duper inspiring.

Dude of the Year: Brett Favre (Of the playoff-bound Green Bay Packers) - sure he isn't going to the Superbowl, but he still had a unbelieveable year.

Dudette of the Year: Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Heroes) - I heart her.

2006 Dwainies

Jan 16, 2008

The great escape continues!

What's through the secret doorway?

Jibidy 87!

Plus: The Dwainie Award winners will be announced this weekend, Writer's Strike be damned.

Jan 8, 2008

Some random thoughts as I watch the NH returns

--One more reason to dislike John Edwards - his campaign theme is that awful John Melloncamp "This is Our Country" blech. And is that the guy from Desperate Housewives behind him?
--Sounding good tonight in their concession speeches - Mitt and Huck
--Sounding boring and poorly scripted in his victory speech -McCain

--American Gladiators may be the best thing to happen to NBC in awhile (it may also be a sign of the apocalypse).

--I've been reading up on Spidey's OMD debacle. Man am I glad I'm not a Spider-man fan. The X-books, on the other hand, continue to surge creatively.

--My current Super Bowl prediction: Green Bay vs Jacksonville

--Apparently Nip/Tuck isn't on tonight. I'm going to bed.

Jan 6, 2008

A New Year and a New Jibidy

He's back!

A quick recap:
  • Jibidy confronted the dangerous Consultant (who turned out to be a fired coworker of Pete and Lou's)
  • Howard was mortally wounded by an mechanical transforming lab assistant, and Billy Fang avenged him.
Will the rest of the crew be able to escape the fortress with their respective plastic piece intact?

Captain Jibidy 86