Oct 17, 2004


A convo on Crossfire:

Me: I want to make a line of "hackory smoked bbq sauce"
My friend Mike: now with 30% less integrity and Dwain, I hate to call you on this, but your blog is hurting the Internet. Please stop hurting the Internet.

Oct 15, 2004

Crossfire transcript

Here's the show's complete transcript: here

Even more!

From MTV.com: Jon Stewart Bitchslaps CNN's 'Crossfire' Show

More Fuel for the Crossfire

Here's a story about today's Jon Stewart appearance on Crossfire: Jon Stewart to Tucker Carlson: "You're a dick"


"I don't like to call it snooping, I like to call it exercising the same rights John Ashcroft has." - Betsy on spying on John Stewart.

Oct 13, 2004

Funny Stuff

"I'm not saying conservatives are mostly stupid, but stupid people tend to be mostly conservative" -Kent quoting some guy.

Got a chance to go see an advance screening of the "Incredibles" with writer/director Brad Bird. Quite possibly one of the best movies of the year (right up with Eternal Sunshine and Shaun of the Dead) Two hours of pure cinematic bliss.

Oct 9, 2004

Anti-Bush Game


Quite possibly the craziest game of all time - check it out!

Oct 5, 2004

VP Debate Blog Closing

Edwards: great closing statement. Turned the argument back to a referendum on Bush.
Cheney: Decent closer. Nothing special

Winner: Cheney. Not the runaway that it looked like it was going to be about halfway through, as Edwards really made up some lost ground on domestic issues. Both men looked poised and competent, but more time was spent attacking, defending Kerry than attacking, defending Bush. Will it matter in the long run? Nope.

Bush/Cheney: 1
Kerry/Edwards: 1

VP Debate Blog: pt 2

Parental opinion on debate so far:

"Is this what it feels like to be bitch slapped?"

"This is stressing me out, I'm getting out an adult beverage."

9:51: "Mr Vice President, I don't think the country can handle 4 more years of your kind of experience."

9:53: Edwards needs to use more numbers, even if they are inaccurate - Cheney giving specific examples of how much things are going to cost is going to resonate much better. Like Kerry voted to raise taxes 98 times - we know that isn't really accurate but it sounds good.

9:55: Way to attack Edwards for attacking Kerry during the primary. Good use of taking advantage of incumbancy.

9:56: There we go, "Kerry voted 600 hundred times for tax cuts." Yes! They touched gay marriage! Have I mentioned the Fedex guy today told me he's voting Republican because of gay marriage and gay marriage alone?

9:59: Doesn't it feel like Edwards brought up Cheney's gay daughter to remind hardcore Republican voters - hey these guys are in bed with the gays too!

10:01: Ooh Cheney speechless - interesting.

10:02: Gwen is moderating far better than Jim Lehrer did last week.

10:06: The VP dodged on an opportunity to go after Edwards trial lawyer past, and Edwards turned it into a great opportunity to talk about healthcare.

10:09: Whack! Cheney hits back with specifics once more - what a knowledge/training of the record. Debates where the candidates have extensive legislative records can only be hurt by their votes.

10:15: Second (third now) time Edwards talked about killing terrorist before they attack us - does that not sit well with anyone else, killing people before they do anything to us?

10:17: "You want me to answer a question about his qualification?" Edwards doesn't really tell us why he's qualified, and Cheney basically told us that Edwards was only doing the job to pander to the south and be president eventually.

Cheney is being Bush's attack dog, while Edwards is only being Kerry's cheerleader.

10:20: Edwards missed the point of the last question, as Gwen was trying to get the VP candidates to talk about themselves outside of their running mates. Edwards merely dropped the kerry and added a "we".

10:25: Edwards hit Bush with flip-flop angle! Why haven't we heard this line of attack before? On the other hand Cheney said earlier tyhat Kerry is consistent on defense - consistently on the wrong side. Interesting tactical switch for both sides.

VP Debate Blog

Im gonna attempt to blog some of my thoughts on the VP debate:

9:28: Cheney: "If he can't stand up to the pressure that howard dean presents, how can he stand up to al qaida" Cheney is doing a marvelous job at keeping the focus on Kerry, not Bush.

"They don't have a plan, they have an echo" another great Cheney zinger. Cheney is merely repeating Bush's talking points from last week, but he is coming off as intellectual, while Edwards is repeating Kerry and sounding like a broken record.

9:32: Don't denigrate the polish pt 2: Don't denigrate Iraq either! I liek how Gwen is actually following up to get more specifics, especially on issue like "Kerry's Global test for military action.

9:35: "Immediately committed to implementing the 9/11 commission suggestions" - Cheney needs to go after Edwards for that - he's suggesting completely revamping the intelligence apparatus of America as a knee jerk reaction.

9:37: Excellent answer by Cheney on the question of sanctions. Gotta love when they drag Khadafi out.

9:39: "There are 60 countries with members of Al Qaida in them, how many are we going to invade?" Well said, lets move to domestic issues! As to Halliburton, negative points for both sides, for Cheney with the "I need more than 30 seconds" and Edwards for his smirk afterwards. I'm gonna check factcheck.com.

9:42: Personal story! Edwards is chanelling Al Gore (which isn't good btw)

9:45: Brutal attack on Edwards' Senate record! Gonna publish and do the second half in a new post.

Oct 1, 2004

Lies, lies, lies, lies - kinda

Here's a fun article about some of the shaky assertions made by both sides last night: For The Record: Few Factual Errors, but Truth Got Stretched at Times

More Debate

Funny Quote from AICN: "Actually, now that I think about it, I'd rather watch a debate between Rodan and Gamera... or, if that's not possible, a knock down drag out fight between Bush and Kerry on a cardboard city set."

Debate Uno

Kerry: 1 Bush: 0
Analysis to follow...