Dec 29, 2005

Dec 22, 2005

I bought an iced tea at CVS the other day and the cashier told me I was not a winner. Except that there was no contest......

Dec 21, 2005

Carver Revealed: I was waaaaay wrong (surprise, surprise) but it was a very satisfying end to the season.

Dec 20, 2005

Even funnier SNL skit from Saturday: Spelling Bee
"That little boy was me-ee-ee-ee-ee- this was a true story"
Last minute Carver prediction for tonight's Nip/Tuck finale. I'm guessing it will be none other than Christian Troy's father. My evidential backup? Nothing. But if I'm right, you may call me king.
SNL gets it right: It's all about the Hamilton's baby

Dec 14, 2005

Dec 10, 2005

My new favorite game: (mostly because I rock at it, and you can too!)

Progress Quest

Dec 6, 2005

According to WUSA: Borf is Back!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Me: heidi klum annoys me
Annie: why?
Annie: and what really happened to seal's face?
Annie: dog mauling?
Me: "take the immune boosting tablet created by a teacher"
Me: wtf
Me: why would I trust a teacher over a Medicine making scientist
Annie: eh, maybe they were a chemistry teacher
Me: would you put something in your mouth if heath myers gave it you?
Annie: ohhhhhh lordhavemercyNO
Me: see?
Annie: fine
Annie: now what about heidi clum and seal??
Me: would I trust Medicine they made?
Annie: no what happened to his face and why do you find her annoying?
Me: she seems retarded - even for a super model
Me: and I love this song!
Annie: really?  i've never heard it
Annie: oh wait yes i have
Me: see!
Annie: how they do they walk on that floor with heels that big
Me: no but shot
Annie: you've got a point
Annie: but i'd be interested in if that is just for this show or for all of her catalouge shots too
Me: i just happen to have the catalog her
Me: i will do some research
Annie: excellent
Annie: so now's seal took the floor
Annie: he's BRITISH??
Me: wait heidi and seal are MARRIED!
Annie: had nooo idea
Annie: totally, she just had a baby like 6 weeks ago
Annie: she looks AMAZING
Annie: oh snoop
Annie: you make any event special
Me: giselle's butt is not in the catalog
Annie: i think tyra banks works for Satan

Dec 5, 2005

X3 in Glorious Quicktime!
Correction - later today. (It's past my bedtime!)
Coming tommorrow: the X3 teaser!