Oct 21, 2008

Almost transformers


See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Oct 6, 2008

I'm not dead



Jul 29, 2008

Best song in the world today

In honor of the late, great Bryant Park Project, I present to you the Best Song in the World Today:

Soundgarden's My Wave (Youtube)

Jul 21, 2008

List making widget?

Anyone know of any good widgets for making and posting top 5 or top 10 lists? I'm looking for something that is not topic specific (like the imdb movie list widget). Shoutlist kind of does this, but it doesn't seem like there are many (any) users, and the functionality is pretty bare bones.

Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't shill for Josh's blog du jour: http://napalmbackflip.wordpress.com/

Jun 11, 2008

Captain Jibidy 110

Read the strip here. Jibidy really is there in that last panel, albeit out of focus. I just couldn't fit him in with the layout.


Jun 1, 2008

Captain Jibidy 109

Read the strip here. Sorry for the long, long delay. My digital camera died, and it's kind of hard to take pictures of Lego people without one. So I bought a new one yesterday, and voila! New comic. It's going to take me some time to get caught up, so expect about one new strip a week (going live by Monday morning) until I get a healthy backlog.

In case you forgot what is going on, here's a recap:
  • Jibidy, Pete, and Billy are staying with Marlo until they can find their own place
  • Bill Fang's gender was revealed, uncomfortably so to Pete
  • Jibidy wants to fight crime
Today we take a peak at what's been going on at Sketchy Shoes in our heroes' absence. We haven't seen the place since issue 70.

Also, at least one person has asked for my top list of movies so far for the year. It's been hard for me to do this, because I recently finally saw 5 movies in the theater! But here you is the list for this year so far:

Movies in the Theater:
1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
2. In Bruges
3. Iron Man
4. Cloverfield
5. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Aliens, err Skull
6. Harold and Khumar smoke pot with President Bush

Notable highs and lows from Netflix:
Highs: Lars and the Real Girl, Return of the Killer Tomatoes, 30 Days of Night

Lows: Revolver, Southland Tales, P2

May 21, 2008

Woot derby still ongoing!

I'm up to 385th! Don't forget to vote for my design at: http://shirt.woot.com/Derby/Entry.aspx?id=16243

May 19, 2008

Vote for me on shirt.woot!

I've got a design in the current woot.shirt derby race "Slogans". If you've ever bought something on woot, you can vote for my design:

"Your ironic presence is requested"

Current ranking: 845th.

Apr 21, 2008

Do you smell what Barack is cooking?

I'm pretty sure I just heard Barack Obama say that on WWE Raw. I don't think I've been drinking. For more Obama-y goodness, check out this picture of the O-Zone from Saturday's Blue-White game. I'm in the bottom right corner, white shirt and sunglasses.

Sorry I've been AWOL lately. I've been busy promoting my new novel, The Junk Whisperer: Or, Things Tequila Taught Me, on sale now here. Go check it out! New issues of Jibidy should return in a few weeks.

Apr 7, 2008

Captain Jibidy 108

Here it is. Last time I mention that Billy is a girl. And could this be the end of the Spider-Pirate?

Mar 31, 2008

Captain Jibidy 107

Today's episode is here. I just can't get enough of that Spider-Pirate. And neither can Jibidy.

Mar 29, 2008


Turns out that I'm not quite caught up enough to keep up with the three comics a week deal. I'll have the next issue up on Monday, and see how much I manage to complete over the next few days.

--I finally starting watching the new Battlestar Galactica. I'm not hooked yet, but I'm about halfway through season 1 and so far it's really interesting. Certainly nice to watch something smart while Lost is on a mini hiatus.

Mar 26, 2008

Captain Jibidy 106

Today's issue is here. Pete deals with the revelation of Billy's identity. Poorly.

New Jibidy up tonight

Seriously. As soon as I get home. Look for it.

Mar 23, 2008

Captain Jibidy 105

Monday's strip is up here. The mystery of Billy Fang continues to unravel. For more on the twist at the end, look to Wednesday's #106. My apologies for the partial lego nudity. (if that doesn't entice you to click the link, I don't know what will)

--I'm not a vegetarian anymore! I'm super excited and have already managed to consume beef, turkey, chicken, and pork in the last 36 hours. Gross, right? So much for the 12 pounds I lost over the last six weeks.
--I picked up the new Gnarls Barkley album on Friday (The Odd Couple), but I've only listened through once or twice so far. What I've heard I really like.
--Finally saw Cronenberg's Naked Lunch. Maybe the weirdest movie I've ever seen. And I've seen some weird stuff.

Mar 22, 2008

Junk Whisperer

I'm just about finished with my novel, The Junk Whisperer. It should available in early April. Anyways, I just read this piece of dialogue. And it made me laugh. If it makes you laugh (out of context, of course) maybe you should pick up the book when it comes out.

Thad also thought that little people were funny, but mostly when they weren’t trying to kill him. Thunk! Another throwing star hit the mailbox. “Sonuvabitch!” it exclaimed.

“He's about halfway across the yard, can you shoot the dwarf or something?” Thad asked.

“Oh, so now you’re ok with me killing people?”

“It’s self defense!” he exclaimed. "I’m not exactly giving you permission to go on a spree at a convent.”

Mar 20, 2008

Captain Jibidy 104

Read Friday's issue here.

It's time to learn a little more about Billy Fang.

It's that time of year again!

This still may be my favorite YouTube video ever:

The Easter Bunny Hates You

Mar 18, 2008

Captain Jibidy 103

Wednesday's strip is up here. It features a gag I've wanted to include since I first saw the commercials for the Simpsons movie. Plus, does Marlo know The Lumberjack?

Mar 17, 2008

St Patty's Day

Go Irish and all that jazz (just not Notre Dame). I did a St Patty's day Jibidy back in 2005. Monty Python fans will hopefully notice an homage to the "What have the Roman's ever done for us?" speech from Monty Python.

Mar 16, 2008

Captain Jibidy 102

Read Monday's episode here. Will Marlo crack, and let the boys stay with her?

Don't forget, three new strips this week, so come back on Wednesday for #103.

Mar 12, 2008

Captain Jibidy 101

Read the issue here. I'm sure Marlo is going to love the idea of Jibidy and crew crashing at her place.

No comic this Saturday, but check out three (count 'em) issues of Jibidy next week. 102 drops on Monday, 103 on Wednesday, and 104 on Friday.

Mar 10, 2008

Which way to the smash bros kegger?

Captain Jibidy volume 1 now available!

That's right, all you piratical aficionados, strips 50-99 - featuring the full daring rescue and escape of Captain Jibidy and his crew from homicidal robots and vicious vikings - can now be a real live book for your coffee table, magazine rack, or comic book long box!

The book is available through the new ahoy-matey bookstore: http://stores.lulu.com/ahoymatey
You can order a full color print book there. I know it's a little pricey (hey, color printing isn't cheap!) so there is also a handy Adobe pdf version available for download. How much does that cost? What if I told you that I'd give it to you for three low payments of $0.00! That's right, the electronic version is free.

Why are you still here? Go get the comic! And check out Captain Jibidy #101 on Wednesday.

Mar 8, 2008

Captain Jibidy 100

Read the comic here. As you'll see, it's high time to get some much needed estrogen back in this comic.

In related Jibidy news, stay tuned to this blog for information on how you too can own your very own copy of Captain Jibidy vol 1. (A print collection of strips 50-99)

In unrelated music news - I've been experimenting a bit with itunes lately. I usually play new music to death and I decided to mix it up a little bit and sort my library by "last played", start at the bottom, and listen to all the music I haven't listened to for years (in some cases since 2004 or 2005). Here's a sampling of the gems that have cropped up:

Don Henley - End of Innocence
BNL - If I had a Million Dollars
Saliva - Click Click Boom
Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow - Picture
Defuser - Karma
Pinmonkey - Barbed Wire and Roses
Ja Rule - I Cry
Leeann Rimes - Can't Fight the Moonlight

I've got NO idea why these songs aren't on high rotation. Seriously.

Mar 5, 2008

New Jibidy coming Saturday

#100 still needs a little work - look for it this weekend.

Mar 4, 2008

Roundup - some good, some not

1. Brett Favre retires (ESPN) - Favre has been my favorite footballer as long as I've loved the game. Here's another great piece about him. We'll miss you Brett.

"Brett, we miss you already" (Also ESPN)

2. The co-creator of D&D passes away. I hope he was aligned lawful good. (CNN)

3. Liev Schreiber actually looks like Sabretooth (Page6)

Mar 2, 2008

Captain Jibidy 99

See it here: Captain Jibidy 99

This is a direct carry over from the last issue. So the line of dialogue at the top is the Consultant speaking to the Red Ninja. Anyways, that finished Volume 1 of the story. I tried to make 50-99 a pretty complete, kind of contained story. I hope you enjoy it. I decided the cast is a little too big, and some get lost in the shuffle. So, the next volume will be shorter (likely 100-125) and will focus on Jibidy, Pete, and Billy. Volume three will feature Jake, Lou, and Steve. Think of it as the Blue and Gold squads. Or not.

Feb 27, 2008

Issue 98

A face (albeit a masked one) from the past returns. Can you say buddy assassin film?

Captain Jibidy 98

Feb 23, 2008

Issue 97

We're getting ever closer to 100! The original purpose here was to show the reunion between Jibidy and his parrot, Percy. Then I realized that Percy is in the background of issue 79. Oh well. The crew has been running around so much, no one's really sure what's going on. What ever happened to the Yeti?

Captain Jibidy Issue 97

Feb 20, 2008

The escape - it's almost over!

Only four more strips until volume 1 of Captain Jibidy is complete. Volume 2 is, of course, not started - so enjoy these new ones while they are hot!

Captain Jibidy 96

Feb 16, 2008

So I should get rid of my old beta stuff?

Blu-ray is it: Toshiba to give up on HD DVD, end format war (Reuters)

Toshiba Corp is planning to give up on its HD DVD format for high definition DVDs, conceding defeat to the competing Blu-Ray technology backed by Sony Corp , a company source said on Saturday.

The move will likely put an end to a battle that has gone on for several years between consortiums led by Toshiba and Sony vying to set the standard for the next-generation DVD and compatible video equipment.

Doesn't change the fact that I can't afford a player, the discs, or an HDTV.

A healthy weekend dose of Cap'n Jibidy

Don't count the Consultant out yet:

Captain Jibidy 95

Feb 14, 2008

Wow - look at all of those dead Vikings

The rest of Jibidy's crew catches up with him today. He's been a bad lil pirate:

Captain Jibidy 94

Feb 9, 2008

New Indy Legos

I'm not sold on the new movie yet, but I am sold on the Lego sets for the new movie:

See the rest at Gizmodo (link)

Jibidy vs the Consultant, Round 2

Will someone get another hook to the head?

Jibidy 93

Feb 6, 2008

Live Free or Jibidy Hard

And I'm out. Jibidy kicks ass at the link below:

Jibidy 92

Feb 5, 2008

Mike Huckabee will divide America

Look at what he's done to the best three late night guys:


Feb 2, 2008

Jibidy Hard with a Vengeance!

I'm running out of Die Hard jokes. As promised, the next riveting installment:

Jibidy 91

Jan 29, 2008

Poke the Frost Giant Again!

I'm trying to get on a schedule - posting twice a week (once on Sat and another Tues night/Wed morn)

So the Yeti is still stuck in the secret entrance, and look who else is back:

Jibidy 90!

Come back on Saturday for the next exciting episode!

Jan 26, 2008

Jibidy Hard 2: Jibidy Harder!

Well, Billy found the rest of the crew - that is, most of them. Aren't we missing someone?

Jibidy 89!

I've got the next few pages in the can, so expect a couple more this week.

Tonight: The last Saturday at Dr. Dremo's. A single tear for the last James Brown Ale I may ever have.

Jan 23, 2008

Yippee-ki-yay, lego pirate...

Jibidy 88 - Jake, Jibidy, and Co. are wandering the the ducts of the Viking fortress. Who knew Vikings installed such extensive ductwork?

Jan 22, 2008


There's a writer's strike still going on, so let's get right to the awards (for the nominees, scroll down or go to here):

Best New TV Show: Chuck - this show gets better and better with every episode. A near perfect balance a cool, geekiness, and hilarity.

Best Returning TV Show: Lost - still the best show on TV. Can't wait for season 4. Bones would have won if the category was "most improved show".

Biggest disappointment on TV this year: Veronica Mars' cancellation - as much as a bitch about Heroes, watching a another brilliant show go out before its time was really too too sad.

Best Movie I saw in the Theater: Transformers - shut it. It was awesome.

Best Movie I got from Netflix (might not be '07 films): Dhoom 2 - no contest. If you are a fan of Bollywood, go see this. If not, you'll probably hate this musical version of Bad Boys/Entrapment.

Worst Movie I got from
Irish American Ninja - tough call. I know Who Killed me was reaaaly bad.

Best Album: Modest Mouse: "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank" - another awesome album from beginning to end.

Best Comics Series or Miniseries: X-Factor - the little x-book that could.

Best Comics Moment: Cyclops unleashed in Astonishing X-Men #23 - the panel that finally sold me on Cyclops being a badass. It's only taken you fifteen years, Marvel.

Best Book I read:No Plot, No Problem! by Chris Baty - super duper inspiring.

Dude of the Year: Brett Favre (Of the playoff-bound Green Bay Packers) - sure he isn't going to the Superbowl, but he still had a unbelieveable year.

Dudette of the Year: Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Heroes) - I heart her.

2006 Dwainies

Jan 16, 2008

The great escape continues!

What's through the secret doorway?

Jibidy 87!

Plus: The Dwainie Award winners will be announced this weekend, Writer's Strike be damned.

Jan 8, 2008

Some random thoughts as I watch the NH returns

--One more reason to dislike John Edwards - his campaign theme is that awful John Melloncamp "This is Our Country" blech. And is that the guy from Desperate Housewives behind him?
--Sounding good tonight in their concession speeches - Mitt and Huck
--Sounding boring and poorly scripted in his victory speech -McCain

--American Gladiators may be the best thing to happen to NBC in awhile (it may also be a sign of the apocalypse).

--I've been reading up on Spidey's OMD debacle. Man am I glad I'm not a Spider-man fan. The X-books, on the other hand, continue to surge creatively.

--My current Super Bowl prediction: Green Bay vs Jacksonville

--Apparently Nip/Tuck isn't on tonight. I'm going to bed.

Jan 6, 2008

A New Year and a New Jibidy

He's back!

A quick recap:
  • Jibidy confronted the dangerous Consultant (who turned out to be a fired coworker of Pete and Lou's)
  • Howard was mortally wounded by an mechanical transforming lab assistant, and Billy Fang avenged him.
Will the rest of the crew be able to escape the fortress with their respective plastic piece intact?

Captain Jibidy 86