Mar 25, 2004

Comic Hits and Misses

Here's my weekly rundown of this weeks new comics and my opinions on them. Note: There are spoilers below!

Mystique 12 - Mystique vs Forge! Good use of history by Vaughan. I really liked Raven's spiel about being happy with herself, but being unable to look at herself in the mirror. Maybe we'll see triclops boy in another X-title in the months to come, as he's been shipped off to Xavier's. This issue gets a B

X-StatiX 20 - Some valuable face time for Vivisector this issue. Nothing bad here, but nothing phenomenallly good like usual, so it reads kind of lackluster. Dragotta on guest pencils just couldn't sate my monthly need for Mike Allred. B-

Weapon X 20 - I liked the issue, but mostly because we should get some answers next month. Didn't like a cover with Sauron but an issue without him. I'll go more indepth in my mutanthigh review, coming soon! B-

X-Treme X-Men 44 - I am amazed how much I am enjoying this book that I found it painful to read just a few short months ago. We get some valuable backstory on Sage, but not enough on Bogan. Plus, Rachel's back! One of my favorite characters is back, and I can't wait to see how this arc ends now and how it will morph into Claremont's two new writing duties - Excalibur and Uncanny X-Men! I have a feeling that most of the X-treme team will move over to the Uncanny brand. This comic gets an B+

Ultimate Fantastic Four 4 - Johnny learns to control his powers! Reed and Ben tussle! Sue gets hit on by Mr. Moley Moley Moley! Monster on the streets of NYC! An opening for Namor and various other FF baddies! I love this title! (Sorry, got excited there) A

Cable & Deadpool 1 - The book I've been waiting months for is finally here, and I can't say I am even a little disappointed. Beautiful cover by Liefield, awesome art by Udon, and Fabe has managed to take the best of everything written about Cable and Deadpool since he worked with them and bring them full circle with blood, guts, and some really funny stuff! I quote:

Voice: Have you ever heard of the One World Church?
DP: Nope.
Voice: It's in France.
DP: I'll pass.
Voice: It pays a lot.
DP: Good sir, you can't pay me enough to go to France while our countries are at war!
Voice: Uhm, we're not at war.
DP: We're not?
Voice: No.
DP: Oh. So... how much money? ... Well that sure is a lot...

Buy this book!!! It's awesome A++ I am also going to be the reviewer for Cable & Deadpool so expect a fuller and even more glowing review of this book up here in a few days. Until then that's it for here.
Weapon X 19 Review

Straight from, here's my full review of Weapon X 19 -

Mar 19, 2004

Comic Hits and Misses

Just finished reading (and in a few cases rereading) this weeks set of new comics. Here's what I thought of them:

Runaways 13 - This book continues to surprise and delight me. Definitely the best new book over the last year. My inner teen has simultaneous crushes on Nico ("What? I like books about monsters. Sue me...") and Karolina ("Hey I'm not from [Mars]"). Though I'll admit the Gibborim look a little to cute to be evil. Anyways, as always, I can't wait for the next issue. A-

Thanos 8 - Here's a book I just don't get. I had to read the last two issues about three times each to figure out what's going on. Its way too complicated, and I feel like the complication mask a general lack of comprehensive story. I'm not sure this book will last past issue 12. Nice to see Gladiator, but whets he doing in jail? I can't remember what happened to him at the end of Imperial, the last X-Men story we saw him in. C

New Mutants 10 - Great issue! Just about every character got some face time here, which is no small task. We learned more of Electro street girl, David was a jerk some more and got called don it, the young boys worshipped Emma Frost and her cleavage, and we got a beginning of answers for why Rahne's so different. Perfect blend of plot and characterization. A

X-Treme X-Men 43 - I can't help but imagine how much I'd be enjoying this book if it was still Sal drawing instead of Igor Kordey. Still, this arc has been Claremont's best in my opinion. The pacing is work, there enough action in each issue, and Kitty is back! Great scene with Rogue and Kitty
Rogue: That why you plan to quit?
Kitty: Like that's proving a big success.
Only a few more issues then this book is gone and Excalibur is back, without Igor Kordey, praise Jebus. This issue gets a B- for good story but terrible art.

Weapon X 19 - Finally the beginning of an arc where stuff gets set up. "Underground" left a bad taste in my mouth and "Defection" was just stupid. I review this book for and I'll post the full review here when I finish it. In the meantime, this book gets a B

New X-Men 154 - Well, we finally made it. The end of Grant Morrison's epic run and we only lost two major characters. Granted, they were Magneto and Jean Grey, but we lose those two all the time. They'll both be back circa X3's release date. I loved just about everything about the end of "Here Comes Tommorrow" it answered just enough to satisfy me (Hanks fate, Apollyon's identity, Sublime's true form, Barnell Bohusk's legacy, Scott's acceptance of his place in the world) yet had enough danglers that we might never know the truth about (Three-in-One's longevity, Cassandra Nova's reappearance, the Proud People, the Order of the Phoenix's). Mark Silvestri should be forced to stay permanently on this book. Let's see how quickly Chuck Austen can ruin this book. A

That's all the comics from this week, I'll be back later with a full review of Weapon X. Next week Cable/Deadpool comes out!

Mar 16, 2004

I'm Literate!

Finished a great book tonight - Lies and the lying liars who tell them by Al Franken. The book is both hilarious and ultimately depressing. I'd like to think we don't live in the world he describes, but some evidence is damning. A couple of the best parts:

Chapter 2: Ann Coulter: Nutcase
Chapter 3: You know who I don't like? Ann Coulter
Chapter 13: Bill O'Reilly: Lying, splotchy bully

And of course the best line in the book, from Chapter 9: Five Get-rich quick tips the Wall Street fat cats don't want you to know: "Tip 1 - Never option stock in a blue chip where the market cap is twenty time I made this all up." Anyways if you love political satire, check this out. I actually plan on reading some Ann Coulter next, just to be "fair and balanced". I met her in 1999 and hoo boy was she a wacko. A hottie, but a wacko.

And in completely unrelated news, Emma's a mark.
So apparently I am a blogger now. Have I mentioned that I hate the word blog? Why did the netgods decide to cut the first two letters off weblog? I would have prefered the end cut off, making it a webl (pronounced "webble") From now on, they're called webbles. Says me. The end. For now. Until I think of something else.