Jul 26, 2006

Open letter from Steely Dan to Luke Wilson

I know I haven't been around for awhile (and I'm going to the beach on Sat so won't be back for awhile either, probably), but a co-worker sent this and it is freakin hilarious:

To the great comic actor Luke Wilson

Jul 6, 2006

Wednesday Pull List

Why not bring this feature back? I can't guarantee it will stick around. Here are my brief reviews of this weeks comics:

Uncanny X-Men 475: Deadly Genesis comes to Uncanny, Warpath becomes an a-lister and the X-Men go to space. Hello Brubaker! Looking forward to this 12 (!) issue arc.

New Excalibur 9: Another Claremont book without Claremont. I didn't expect this book to wrap up the loose ends of Weapon X AND Apocalypse v. Dracula. Well done, Frank Tieri. This book could potentially be really good.