Feb 28, 2005

24 blog - Post Game
Anyone notice that just a few hours ago, Tony was a drunk, cradle-robbing, ex-con traitor to the nation. Now he's back to killing terrorists, working in CTU, and did you see the previews for next week? They're putting him in charge? At least give him a breathalizer test people.

In related news, Rocco maybe you can answer this to me. Doesn't CTU theoretically come under the Justice Dept and not DOD? Why is Hellar in charge? There should be a really ticked off Attorney General somewhere.

Feb 27, 2005

My attempt to liveblog the Oscars (and do laundry)
8:29: I've seen two of the five best pic nominees this year which is about one more than usual. I'm rooting for Million Dollar Baby, but who knows. As Dr Thiel says "They are bought and paid for boys and girls, bought and paid for."
8:40: "Say your working at the GAP, and you close out your register and your $70 trillion short. You'd get in trouble. Not Bush."
8:43: Halle Berry: Hotttttttt.
8:50: Some jerks butted in front of me to get a dryer only to lose their money in it because it is broken! HA!
8:57: Incredibles gets a statue. Not that there was any competition.
9:20: Second attempt to get laundry into dryer.
9:35: Jesse: the lead singer of the Counting Crowes looks like Sideshow Bob. Me: Is that James Carville playing bass?
9:56: That whole wonderful montage to Sydney Lumet and all I can say is: Vin Diesal with hair?
10:23: The next presenters: Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, and Salma Hayek's breasts. (Hey I'm not complaining!)
10:28: I guess Beyonce can't sing in Spanish. I looooove Santana's guitar (though it's a little cheesy that he's wearing a Che tee)
10:47: Annette Bening looks more sedated than Maureen Dowd!
10:57: Beyonce is looking better with every performance! Aker is right, Josh Groban sings like a 40 year old man...
11:16: Laundry done! Only 8 hours later!
11:17: Charlie Kaufman wins! Woohoo for wierd scriptwriters everywhere!
11:26: Holy Cow Jamie Foxx won! What a freakin (boring) surprise!!!! Gotta admit, great speech from the guy. Who would have thought five years ago that he'd turn out to be such a classy guy?
11:34: Johnny Depp looks like a young Colonel Sanders.
11:42: And mercifully it ends.

Feb 26, 2005

Josh found this amazing group of people - I've already started saving money!

CastleMagic Castle Builders!!!!!

Feb 25, 2005

The guy who got Paris Hilton's sidekick has struck again - this time he got Fred Durst!


Am I a bad person for thinking this is funny stuff?

Feb 22, 2005

I don't really have a lot to say tonight. I did post chapter 6 of my serial adventure story "Dayspring" over at www.ahoy-matey.com . You should go check that out. Captain Jibidy #28 will be online tommorrow night, continuing the mysterious tale of Scurvy Steve. Speaking of which, I should go work on future issues. Peace, I'm out.

(Time to pretend I'm on livejournal)
Mood: helium induced elation mixed with too much water drank bloatation and dash of ennui
Music: We Don't Care - Kanye West

Feb 21, 2005

Holy crap it's a flying lawnmower! I'm never going outside again.
"For all of Thompson's theatrics and self-abuse, he could write like a demon. His prose accelerated across the page like a sportscar with the top down. He kept himself squarely in the picture, to great comic effect. We understood that he needed drugs the way other people needed oxygen, that he had an odd fondness for guns and violence, and that he loathed Richard Nixon and most authoritarian institutions. Otherwise, he wasn't very complicated. He didn't gum up his narrative with soul-searching. He really served as a big eyeball, if perhaps a rather glazed one." - from Joel Achenbach's Hunter S. Thompson tribute. Read the rest here.
I found a local comic creator scene!
Caption Box
In an astonishing turn of events, Joss Whedon and Jon Cassaday are staying on for another year of Astonishing X-Men! Look for a break after issue 12 (and Giant Size X-men 3) then another 12 issues plus the return of the comics annual!
Perry Bible Fellowship - I came across this site awhile ago, and Rocco reminded me tonight what it was - hilarious webcomic!

Feb 19, 2005

To quote George W. Bush: "The question we need to ask ourselves, is our children learning?" From this video, it is obvious they is not:

Numa Numa for the Middle School Kids

Feb 17, 2005

President Bush nominated former UN Ambass. and current Iraqi Ambass. John Negroponte to Director of National Intelligence position. His reasoning: with Powell gone, the cabinet needed to look a little blacker...

In unrelated news it was a great week for comics as there were new issues of Cable/Deadpool, New Mutants, Astonishing X-Men, and Runaways (s2) #1!!!! Four fo the best creative teams in comics! They didn't do the finale of the unintellible X-Force LS any favors by coming out the same week. Can Liefield even put sentences together? I can't but I'm not paid to. I'd like to see how FabNic handled this being as it sooooo different from what he's doing over in C/D... enough said.

Constantine comes out tommorrow and I will be seeing it. Hopefully Keanu will not make it suck.

Feb 15, 2005

Quick Post, Get Fuzzy Style:

Feb 14, 2005

- Pretty mediocre hour of 24, hence the lack of live blogging.
- I've become a 10 year old girl overnight it seems, apparently I'm into Kelly Clarkson now.
- I bought the Grammy performance of Stevie Wonder, Bono, Alicia Keyes, Steven Tyler, Brian Wilson, Billy Joe Armstrong, Allison Kraus, and Velvet Revolver off iTunes today. It's only a dollar, a fun version of "Across the Universe", and supports Tsunami victims.

Feb 13, 2005

Pirate Mr. Potato Head
From Brit, too cute not to post:

Feb 12, 2005

Top 5 Television shows I'd like to see on DVD:

5. "Unhappily Ever After" - Think "Married With Children" for absurdists. It featured a hot young Nikki Cox plus Bobcat Goldthwait as a stuffed bunny living in the basement.
4. "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" - While Christopher Reeves WAS Superman, Teri Hatcher WAS Lois Lane. This was a fun show, that eventually jumped the shark after Loi discovered Clarks identity, but had a great Lois, a great Clark, a good Lex, and an amazing Perry White in the form of Lane Smith.
3. "Thundercats" - This, along with "Transformers" and "GI Joe" were my favorite childhood shows. It had a recent comeback with a comic series like the other two franchises (both of which are on DVD) so hopefully we will see this soon.
2. "Mind of the Married Man" - the show isn't on DVD because I think I am the only fan of the show. I thought it complemented Curb Your Enthusiasm well on HBO's schedule, and was a fun little comedy.
1. "Scrubs" - the ONLY funny sitcom on the air right now, and has been for sometime. Why why why why? Possibly the most underappreciated show on TV not called Arrested Development.

Feel free to comment on what you'd like to see on DVD!
Here's an updated list of friends of mine who've recently started blogs trying to be as cool as me (trust me kids, you don't want to be as cool as me):
Jesse: Everybody Loves a Masshole
Erin: Erin's Thoughts on Many Things
Aker: Mike Uncensored
Josh: my weblog

On a related note, this webble will be a year old in about a month. That's wierd, huh?
Strange little things - I just looked at the box for my bar soap. Amongst the ingredients there is an "and/or". Shouldn't they know exactly what is in there?

Feb 11, 2005

A bunch of quick hits:
- Spent a Tower gift card today and finally picked up the Scissor Sisters' album. My fresh opinion on it - this stuff is pure rock. These people are channeling a host of artists from Elton John to Sly and the Family Stone to the Chemical Brothers. Great stuff.
- Pushing my way through Volumes 3-5 of the Sandman by Gaiman. Amazing stuff. The Season of Mists storyline has been the best I've read, and the Midsummer's Night Dream issue might be the best comic I've ever read.
- Just checked my fantasy golf team today. It's actually pretty fun. I'm currently ranked 77,518th. Out of how many I don't know. I doing well this week though, as I've jumped 20,673 places today. That seems like a lot.
- Hoping to check out Finding Neverland or Ray this weekend. This is the first year in awhile that I'm interested in more than one or two of the Oscar pics. I've already seen Sideways and Million Dollar Baby. I can't see myself going to the Aviator though. Leo (actor I dont care about) playing Howard Hughes (historical figure I don't care about) doesn't add up to a movie I need to see. I may be wonderful
- Sin City is on the cover of this week's EW. Next movie I'm really looking foward, especially 'cus Elektra was less than good and I have more than my doubts about Constantine. Sin City looks like it could be the best comic movie this year (barring FF later this year rocking)

Feb 10, 2005

Holy Cow! Sara Foster, the super hot hottie from "The Big Bounce" is on CSI tonight!
Great story from dreary London:

"Chaos at Ikea opening -
Hundreds of people were crushed as the opening of the biggest Ikea store in England descended into chaos." The rest here.

Ikea rules!

Feb 7, 2005

24 blog

2:06PM :"Tony there could be someone following us"
"No Jack, my soul patch would have detected it."
2:11PM :Why is the SoD doing this stuff? Isn't this the job of the NSA or something? because he's Bill Devane that's why.
- Public Service Announcement: Jack Bauer stop pretending to be Kiefer Sutherland - message: Jack Bauer loves Muslims. Riiiight.
2:18PM :"I'm sure your boss will understand, and if he doesn't, I can have him killed."
2:22PM :Tony's home PC rules!
- Ahhhhh Super Bowl Commercial Reruns... cus I loved PDiddy and Co so much the first time around.
2:30PM :Torture rules in the 24 world... you don't think they would be suspicious of people who just started six hours ago!!!
2:45PM :Tony's half drunk and looking to kill terrorists! Woohoo!
3:00PM :Mebbe 2 CTU guards dead in a car explosion, white collar baddie shot too.
Body Counts:
Jack: 17 and a knee Baddies: 50 SoD: 4 Tony: 4
Toys of the Trade

Many of you probably know this but I'll be moving on from GW at the end of this week to bigger and better things. In the meantime, I'm taking full advantage of the GW perks, which include a data projector for the Super Bowl and bringing my work laptop home for the weekend. Needless to say the 24 blog tonight will be great, b/c I'll have both things with me! Tune in later for the weekly Jack Bauer Power Hour!

Just saw the Super Bowl Halftime Update over at Homestarrunner.com. Check it out! Its a long load, but worth it.
Super Bowl Aftermath

Congrats on the Patriots new "dynasty". Decent round of commercials this year. Nothing too amazing (was hoping to see the Gene Kelly VW one) but I particularly enjoyed the Burt Reynolds Fedex one and the PDiddy Diet Pepsi ones

Big Boys has all the ads online here.

Feb 5, 2005

Big Game Minus One Day

Spent the day getting ready for the 5th annual Super Bowl Bash! (Sponsered by Ahoy-matey.com of course.) As for the actual game, I'm picking a close game, Patriots over Eagle 27-24. More later if life gets interesting.

BTW, Captain Jibidy #23: "E.V.I.L. Strategery" is now online.

Special Captain Jibidy surprise coming tommorrow!

Feb 4, 2005

Interesting little piece of propaganda (It's a hoax but a really interesting read):

Presidential IQ's

Of the Presidents over the last 50 years here's the highest and lowest IQ (supposedly):
Highest: Clinton (182)
Lowest: W Bush (91)

Feb 3, 2005

Great little site from LC: www.humanforsale.com/

I of course did it - I'm worth $2,104,630.00

Take the test and comment below with your black market value.
Jesse sent me this over a week ago and I never got around to posting it, which is from the Hotline:

"VENTURA: Yarr, I Be The Dread Pirate Jesse!
Jesse Ventura "looked more like a pirate than a retired governor" in a speech at the Contra Costa Council USA conference. "Sporting a black head scarf, braided beard, suit jacket, blue jeans and tennis shoes," Ventura "declared": "I am the most dangerous man in America!" His "huge" ego "burst through like a pounding fist" in a "rambling" 90-minute speech. And he "managed to insult just about everybody." He "slammed Republicans and Democrats": "I want to just puke when I look at politics today." He "mocked people that oppose same-sex marriage": "If gay people decided to be gay, when did you decide to be a hetero?" He "castigated the media as a pawn of the establishment." And "he wielded a heavy arm of sarcasm" on the jailing of Martha Stewart: "I can sleep better at night! Can't you? When the people lie to the government, they go to prison. What happens when the government lies to the people? Nothing" (Vorderbrueggen, Contra Costa Times, 1/28)."

Man do i want to work for this man when he runs for president in '08...
I was gonna live-blog the State of the Union last night. I was busy drinking heavily and throwing things at the television. Usually nto what I was drinking. Anyways I also remembered that no one who cares about my opinion on the speech really felt that differently than me so I'll let it lie.

Feb 2, 2005

Yahoo Fantasy Golf begins this weekend! I'm excited - my team "ernie the pirate" will be rocking the league. That's right kids, fantasy golf. Not excited enough by watching golf? Play online with the stats! I hear its thoroughly invigorating, or incredibly boring. It was free so i kinda just signed up (I'm a sucker for stupid stuff like this)
24 blog - hella late

Just a quick update - Jack racked up another 4 kills this week bringing the totals up to:
Baddies: 47 SoD: 4 Jack: 17 (and the blown knee)

I wasn't counting Tony's kills but it was also 3 or 4 for the week. Someone let me know if they have a more accurate account.

Feb 1, 2005

My roommate tries to copy everythign I do and has decided to start a blog. It looks pretty good so far, and by pretty good I mean vastly inferior to this webble's storied history. He'll probably soon be a blogging genius, however.

Everybody Loves a Masshole
Andrew Sullivan is retiring/taking a blog break/etc. I don't knwo which as I got it all second-hand, his site has apparently gone down. Maybe he just didn't pay his isp bills...