Jan 27, 2007

Recent Netflix Returns

Cool World: This movie would be amazing if it was made today. A neat noir companion to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. 3 out of 5 stars

Lucky Number Slevin: I really enjoyed this film - turned out to be a fluffy revenge flick, but it was enjoyable. Josh Hartnett was at his least annoying and Lucy Liu was super adorable. 3 out of 5 stars

Bandidas: Why was this direct to video? This could have been a blockbuster hit! Salma and Penelope are super hot and really funny, plus there's some really good action scenes. I don't see a single downside. Dwight Yoakam as the villain, or Steve Zahn playing the straight guy? They worked. 4 out of 5 stars.

Quote of the Day

From Grey's: "So you're together but you don't talk to each other. Wish I could find that in a woman." - Alex

Jan 21, 2007

New Booty Mix

Party Ben's posted a great new hour long mashup on his site - www.partyben.com. Star Wars music fans should especially check out.

Help Me Party Ben Kenobi, You're Our Only Hope...

Jan 18, 2007

Pirates > Vampires

"I have to say, if it was going to be something supernatural, I was hoping for a vampire, because they're a doddle. Stakes, garlic, holy water, true faith, sunlight, fire ... I'm not sure there's anything that doesn't kill a vampire."

--The Pirate Captain, in The Pirates! In an Adventures with Communists

Jack Bauer Ate A Man

24 Things You Need To Know About The New Season of 24 (Best Week Ever)

My favorites:

18. After watching all 4 playoff football games this weekend and seeing that John Mellancamp “this is ourrrrr country” Chevy ad approximately 6,531 times, I have to admit that it doesn’t feel right watching Jack Bauer ride around in anything other than a Chevy truck. This has to be fixed immediately.
19. Least Surprising Stat Of The Night: CTU is 0-1 with setting up a perimeter so far this season. This brings their lifetime mark to 0-219.20. Why couldn’t this show be named 18? Coming up with 24 observations is a pain in the ass.

Jan 17, 2007

Recent Netflix Returns

Ultraviolet - Milla is so hot I was able to sit through the whole movie - she's sufficiently badass too. But the story was nonexistent, and a lot of the cgi was bad. The end was laughable, but in a good way. Without spoiling anything - imagine the one thing that can make a swordfight cooler - swords on fire for no apparent reason. 2 out of 5 stars

The Office Special - I'm really glad I finally got around to watching this. Very funny and ultimately sweet too, which I wasn't expecting. 4 out of 5 stars

Wonderfalls: The Complete Series - truly ambitious television. Everything about this show was excellent. So of course FOX cancelled it. I'm going to create my own TV show just for Caroline Dhavernas. 5 out of 5 stars

Shut Up And Kiss Me - I've been known to pick some bad movies in the past, but this is a new low. It stars the gorgeous Krista Allen, but even she can save one of the most retarded movies I've ever seen. 1 out of 5 stars

Jan 10, 2007

I heart Netflix

It's my new obsession. More to come.

Jan 9, 2007

Best of 2006

I hate how people always do their best of lists before the year is over. What happens if something really good comes out Dec 31st? What if some of us are pretty lazy? Anyways, here are my best ofs for 2006:

Best Movie: Superman Returns - you know it must be good if a Marvel zombie picks it in a year with an (even mediocre) X-Men movie.
Honorable Mentions: Pirates 2, Thank You For Smoking, Borat

Best New Show: Heroes
Honorable Mentions: Studio 60, Blade: The Series (RIP)

Best Returning TV Show: Lost
Honorable Mentions: Grey's Anatomy, 24

Best Album: Scissor Sisters "Ta Dah"
Honorable Mentions: Wreckers "Stand Still, Look Pretty", Gnarls Barkley "St. Elsewhere"

Best Comic: Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.
Honorable Mentions: Astonishing X-Men, Fables, Runaways

I'd write fun reasons, but you won't read them.