Mar 30, 2007

My new fave picture

Kristen Bell gets her copy of Captain America #25 signed by Ed Brubaker:

Mar 27, 2007

Weird Internet Video Roundup

Evolution of a Beard - this guy took a picture of himself every few hours for weeks while he grew a better beard than mine.

Mario Done in Legos - two of my favorite things! But is that a flute? And since when were there guys with swords in Mario?

Super Kim - another Mario mod video, but with everyone's favorite North Korean dictator. Ignore and Continue!

Mar 25, 2007

Mar 23, 2007

Is it true that there's a point on a man's head where if you shoot it, it will blow up?

Sorry, no new Jibidy until later this weekend - instead I was lucky enough to see an early screening of Hot Fuzz - the new movie from the makers of Shaun of the Dead - it even included some Q and A with the creators - Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost!


--Seeing Die Hard on the big screen beforehand
--Edgar Wright: "I guess you could say he beat the living daylights out of Timothy Dalton. I'm not going to pretend I just made that joke up"
--Giant nerd after getting a dvd autographed: "Do you have the plastic bag ready? Sweet ass!"

Mar 20, 2007

Like there was a chance I wasn't going to post this

Pirates 3 Trailer - here

In related news, I have now seen six films this year. Time to update the list:

1. Pan's Labyrinth
2. 300
3. Black Snake Moan
4. The Host (Gwoemul)
5. Zodiac
6. Ghost Rider

Mar 18, 2007

As promised

Another brand spanking issue of Jibidy:

Issue 59

I was also reminded that yesterday was St Patrick's day (being on a self-imposed booze exile, I missed it) - I did a Irish episode a few years back:

Captain Jibidy isn't Irish

Another classic Jibidy!

The first appearance of Jake Venture:

Issue Nine: Jumping off Point

Look for a new issue tonight!

Mar 15, 2007

Another face from the past returns

In two new issues of Captain Jibidy:

Issue 57
Issue 58


Mar 13, 2007

I have now seen 5 movies this year...

So I can start the "Dwain ranks the movies he's seen in 2007" list (for lack of a good name).

1. Pan's Labyrinth
2. 300
3. Black Snake Moan
4. Zodiac
5. Ghost Rider

Mar 11, 2007

Operation: Super Pirate Begins!

What is Howard up to? What is Operation: Super Pirate? It starts here:

Issue 55
Issue 56

And a classic Jibidy pick:

Issue 6 - Romantic Interlude (the first appearance of Howard the Android)

Mar 8, 2007

Double Dose of Jibidy

Want some answers to the weirder-than-usual happenings in Captain Jibidy? Look no further than the next two (count 'em) installments!

Issue 53
Issue 54

More on Monday!

Fallen (Fictional) Soldier - UPDATED!

As most people have read by now, Steve Rogers, the fictional character known for over 50 years as Captain America was shot and killed by an agent of his arch foe, the Red Skull. There’s been a ton of media coverage of the event:

Shocking event for Captain America (CNN)

Pow! Thwack! Captain America dead at 89 (AFP via Yahoo)

Iconic superhero Captain America shot dead – maybe (Reuters via Yahoo)

Interview with Cap writer Ed Brubaker here (Newsarama)

Jeph Loeb on the fallout – Fallen Son (Newsarama)

How long until he’ll be back? There used to be a time when a few comic deaths meant something. I mean, sure, we all expect Jean Grey, Psylocke, and Magneto to die and come back every year or two. But in a comic environment where Captain Marvel and Colossus return, when Jason Todd and Bucky are alive and badass, in a world where an alternate Uncle Ben is wandering around, and Hawkeye stays dead for about six months, you know it won’t be long before Cap is back (especially because they are working on a Captain America movie).

So what should Marvel do with mantle of Captain America? In 1993, DC comics killed off Superman and replaced him with four knockoff copies until the real man of steel returned:

The Man of Steel: John Henry Irons was an ironworker and ex-weapons designer for the military who wears a suit of armor and wields a hammer. He did not claim to actually be Superman, but rather to represent the spirit of Superman and continue his legacy. Any else think that Iron Man/Tony Stark is game for this?

The Man of Tomorrow, also called the Cyborg Superman, arrived with augmented Kryptonian technology. He was scientifically proven to be Superman but claims amnesia in explanation to his part-mechanical nature. The cyborg Supes was basically a Deathlok rip-off, so why not let Deathlok be the new Cap?

The Metropolis Kid, who hated being called Superboy, is a reckless teenage clone of Superman. They cloned Thor, why not clone Cap? Call him Kid America, or something lame like that. Plus there’d be the inevitable run-in with Patriot of the Young Avengers.

The Last Son of Krypton was a visored, energy-powered alien who dealt with criminals lethally. He claims to have memories as the original Superman’s but his emotional distance makes Lois uncertain. We know that the Punisher looks up to Cap in a weird hero-worship sort of way, and didn’t he pick up Cap’s shield at the end of Civil War?

Update: Some commentary from Jeff:

"Ah, very nice, but you’re missing out on one vital piece of information:

The Cyborg Superman was originally the mock Reed Richards back when DC was ripping on the Fantastic Four. Ergo, I see Marvel’s plan as it truly will be:

Mr. Fantastic commits suicide over the guilt he feels for being responsible for Goliath’s death. However he is rebuilt Million Dollar Man style by SHIELD. He then goes crazy, and with the help of Thanos (standing in for Mongol in Marvel continuity) is responsible for the destruction of oh let’s say Hank Pym’s home town (which will lead to him going crazy and killing millions of people in a future mega crossover event that will destroy all comic continuity) and is only stopped when the original Cap is reborn ( in some weird Antarctic crystal birthing chamber that makes absolutely no sense) and destroys him.

And if we can throw in Doomsday for any reason at all, that’ll work too."

Who needs Doomsday when you have Clor, I say?

Mar 7, 2007

Sad News

"The Dr Dremo and Taco Bell property has been sold to Elm St Development. Plans call for 141 residential units and 34,685 sf of ground floor retail.

After 6 years of holding on year by year, Dr Dremo's closing date is final. The developer hopes to receive the last of their construction permits between Feb and Apr '08, with demolition to start immediately after the last permit is obtained. Dr Dremo's will close it's doors at the current location between Feb and Apr '08."

more info here

In the meantime, keep heading to Dremo's - it's one of the best bars in the area.

Mar 6, 2007

Real Ultimate Britney

"Hi, this site is all about Britney Spears, REAL BRITNEY SPEARS. This site is awesome. My name is Sean and I can't stop thinking about Britney Spears. This chick is cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.


1. Britney Spears is a mammal .
2. Britney Spears fights ALL the time.
3. The purpose of Britney Speakrs is to flip out and kill people."

More here

Mar 4, 2007

Still on a roll

Next issue of Captain Jibidy is online:
Captain Jibidy Issue 52

Mar 1, 2007

More new Jibidy

As promised - the next installment of Captain Jibidy:

Captain Jibidy Issue 51