May 19, 2004

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in days:

Imagine Clerks meets the Marvel Universe

May 13, 2004

They shouldn't let me stay home!

I had the day off today and I made unnaturally good use of it! I got up early and went for my walk in the morning (It's Day 12 already) and while I was out there I saw something horrible -

The cicadas are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right DC people, the dreaded species x-17 or whatever they are called, have begun to rise from the earthy birthing places to wreak havoc upon our fair summer. Though in all fairness to them, I only saw a few live cicadas, but already hundreds of dead ones. Luckily my AC is now fixed so I don't have to have an open window in my apartment.

I got back to my place and went on a furniture moving spree, which I haven't done in awhile. Believe it our not, I took the door off of my closet and along with some shelving, I made myself a new desk. I am the new Macguyver.

Then I headed up to Catholic University for my best friend Annie's pinning ceremony. I can't believe she's actually graduating from college! (Actually, I can't believe she's lived this long)

Also, I am getting some decent feedback about my new column over at Check it out by clicking on the link below:

HulkX Smash Reloaded: If I ruled the world!

That's all for now, as just in a few more hours Michael Abraham Aker will once again be in the DC Metropolitan Area. Tremble puny mortals!

May 10, 2004

Also, you've probably noticed that my format has changed. Blogger has upgraded, and my webble has upgraded along with them. They support comments in house now, so I was able to clear out the third party scripts. Go ahead and send me a comment if you like the new format, or if you don't!
Here's some more info on the G4-Tech TV merger:
Holy Streak Enders Batman!

And just as I start a three day blogging streak, I decide to go home and didn't post anything yesterday! Plus Day 8 wasn't a super success, as I was only able to go out and do about a half hour of walking.

But I did get to see my family, as we had not one, but two BBQ's yesterdat and that was tons of fun. Now back to work for me.

May 8, 2004

It's Saturday, No Witty Title

Three days in a row, you'd think this was a blog or something.

Been listening to this band by the name of Exit Clov lately, they have a really neat sound. Most fo the kids I think are from GW - chekc them out at

Day 7 has come and gone with great success - I went out for my hour walk and ended up doing a little over four! I walked around twelve miles total, trekking north on Glebe Rd through Arlington, across the Chain Bridge and the down the C&O Canal trail. I'm officially pooped.

Tommorrow I'm off to PA to see the mother for her day. Hope everyone else has a good one.

May 7, 2004

Danger Will Robinson!

Day 6 of workout session is in danger by a particularly nasty storm brewing outside. I'd hate to have to run around my apartment for an hour!

I actually watched the end of Friends last night. Was never a fan, but didn't want to be one fo those people who weren't watching on principle. TV viewing habitats just aren't worth wasting good principle on anymore. What is going to be mor efun to watch is the respective stars fail miserably in everything they do next. Here's the order it wil happen:
1. Matt Leblanc's new show will bomb.
2. David Schwimmer will just plain never get work again.
3. Maybe in a year Lisa Kudrow will try a show where she plays a character completely different from Phoebe and people will hate it.
4. Courtney Cox will make a movie with her horrible actor of a husband (former WCW champ David Arquette) and it will go down in flames.
5. Jennifer Aniston never tries to work again and enjoys being Mrs. Brad Pitt. (Hell, I'm a straight man and I'd enjoy being Mrs. Brad Pitt)
6. Matthew Perry makes "the whole 12 yards". Instead of lambasting him in reviews, critics just kill him.

May 6, 2004

Take that back, bad news

Rocco just broke this story to me, via

TechTV lays off San Francisco staff
By Stefanie Olsen
Staff Writer, CNET

TechTV told 285 San Francisco employees on Thursday that their jobs are being eliminated, a move that was widely feared by workers after Comcast announced in March that it would acquire the technology cable channel.

Comcast will merge TechTV, owned by Paul Allen's Vulcan Ventures, with its own G4 video game network when the buyout is finalized next week. David Shone, a spokesman for G4 TV, said the company plans to hire 80 people from the San Francisco office to work at the game channel's Los Angeles headquarters. Employees were given two months' notice and various severance packages, he said.

"Today we gave notice to 285 employees that they'll be impacted by the merger," Shone said. "We wanted to give employees as much notice as possible so that they can begin to make other plans."

- Back to Dwain's voice: There's more but it isn't important. My heart goes out to the fine people of techtv and there families. They've made a lot of really great television, and hopefully some shows, like the Screensavers, X-Play, and Unscrewed will make it into the G4 lineup. I love the line above that says the employees will be "impacted", and by impacted we mean losing your f-ing jobs! That's 285 more reasons to detest Comcast, a company who loves providing terrible service for ridiculously high prices.

What we need is more competition in local markets. Where I live, Comcast is the only game in town cable-wise. Plus we aren't allowed to have satellites, so if we want TV at all, we need to pay up. That should be illegal. Competition among service providers would drive down prices and increase quality. I don't see why that's such a bad idea.
Good News!

Day five of new exercise regimen and I'm still going strong! Only 55 more days until I am done-ish.

I can't believe it is May already! They few good shows I watch on TV are ending soon! Angel in two weeks (gonna be gone for good), Alias in 3, 24 in 3, Sopranos in 3. The upside is the beginning of the summer movie season. Van Helsing debuts this weekend, and hopefully it won't be that suckfest I have read about. What I (and I imagine the rest of the world) am really excited about is Troy. CAN NOT WAIT! But I will wait the measly seven days left.

Song: "Shimmer" by Fuel

Angel: Sleeping with someone is not a relationship.
Spike: It is if you do it enough times.