Mar 29, 2005

Crazy Dog!
This is your fault Numa man....
Dustin gets Jiggy wit it
I liked it better when Othello did it in Hamthello...

Mar 24, 2005

New Acquisitions:
She Hulk Vol 1: Single Green Female - finally picked this up (been saying I was for months now) Worth the money. Not as laugh at loud funny as Cable/Deadpool or Alpha Flight but really witty, kinda a Wolfram & Hart for the Marvel Universe feel. Without the evilness. maybe.
Jimmy Buffett Live in Hawaii: Great CDS! Crappy CD case fell apart as I opened though. About the only song I wish was included would be Buffett's version of "If I Had a Boat" by Lyle Lovett.

Mar 23, 2005

Cute Belle is back! Kirsten Storms is moving to GH to replace Maxie! In news people might care about - Lena Olin will be back on Alias for the season finale! - all from

Mar 22, 2005

Lowell is Venom! Mebbe...
From Comics Continuum: "Thomas Haden Church, who was most recently nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Sideways, has been cast as Spider-Man's new archenemy in Spider-Man 3, it was announced by director Sam Raimi and producers Laura Ziskin and Marvel Studios' Avi Arad...The identity of the new villain is being kept secret and while speculation is rampant about which character is being called into action, the studio will not comment on the casting beyond confirming Church."
The rest here.

C'mon, he could be Eddie Brock...
Man I love these little guys -
Cube Figures

Mar 21, 2005

Someone help me out - SoD is 5th in line for presidential succession, right? POTUS, VPOTUS, Speaker, Pres of Senate, him. Hmmmm.
8:12: That isn't naked Mandy is it?
8:19: Chloe can't come back, she's busy doing that sketch show with Frasier...
8:39: In the end in 24, it always comes down to cutting off body parts...
8:43: Is that a Dodge Magnum the terrorists are driving? They have Hemis. Can you say Hemi?
8:45: My guess is that suitcase isn't full of money. Boom?
8:50: BOOM!
8:55: Dinah fell for the oldest trick in the 24 book. For that, she gets the off camera death.
EH - Decent set ep, hopefully some better action next hour.
The Brothers Chaps have done it again - check out their new classic video game parody on - here! 20x6!

Mar 19, 2005

From the LA Comicon: "Joe Quesada started the panel by confessing that Marvel kicks so much ass cause he is on steroids and he shoots Bendis and Millar in the ass with them."

There's more Comicon info I wanna talk about, but I'm going to wait until after the Marvel panels today.

Mar 17, 2005

Happy St. Patty's Day!
A Very Irish Jibidy

Mar 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Webble!
Exactly one year ago today I started blogging, and I'm totally amazed I haven't become bored of it all yet! Here's a look back at the first year of Dwain's Wonderful World of Webble:

March 2004: Webbling begins. I review Cable/Deadpool 1, from which I pull this lovely quote:
"Voice: Have you ever heard of the One World Church?
DP: Nope.
Voice: It's in France.
DP: I'll pass.
Voice: It pays a lot.
DP: Good sir, you can't pay me enough to go to France while our countries are at war!
Voice: Uhm, we're not at war.
DP: We're not?
Voice: No.
DP: Oh. So... how much money? ... Well that sure is a lot..."
April 2004: I sketched out my needs and wants:
Things I Need
Man I need a haircut. - got one!
And a desk. - and that too!
And motivation to do more than just post here. - not so much...
Better typing skills too. (See how I didn't make it all ironic by putting a typo in here) - still to be decided.
Things I Want
$50 Million Dollars (I'd spend it well, trust me)- I'm about a millionth of the way there.
An awesome job - potentially, helluva lot better than the last.
The new Kylie Mingoue album - not yet. but soon my sweet sweet Street Fighter.
May 2004: Angel went bye-byes, TechTV gotten eaten by Comcast, and I killed a bunch of Cicadas. So. so. month.
June 2004: I posted once. It was boring.
July 2004: I got old. Friend's got married, friends got divorced, friends almost got into fist fight at high school reunion. And I finally changed my mario ringtone on my cell phone for something more mature - the legend of zelda (mario's back, btw)
August 2004: Live on Penn died, Peasant's Quest lived, and starts its long slow slog towards web-behemothdom.
September 2004: I got a year old and Pirate Night 2k4 went down in history.
October 2004: Stewartgate: we try to crash Crossfire and end up breaking the biggest fake vs real news story of the week!
November 2004: Kerry lost. Vows revenge. I lose to Platts in PA congressional race. Also vow revenge. Neither Bush nor Platts seem to notice.
December 2004: two words: Numa Numa
January 2005: 24 blog! DC loses what's left of musical coolness when HFS changes formats to modern spanish hits.
February 2005: Everyone I know remembers how cool I am and starts a blog.
March 2005: I'm still here people!!!!!!

Mar 15, 2005

Movies that didn't need remade but are being anyways:
The Love Bug - Trailer
The Bad News Bears - Trailer
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - Trailer
House of Wax - Trailer

Mar 14, 2005

Haven't seen last episode yet (taped it and left it in PA, I'll see it around easter time)
7:05 - Michelle is looking hot as ever!
7:10 - Did Jack just kill some rent-a-cops?
7:22 - see 24 doesn't hate Arabs! At elast not until those dumb kids get killed in the firefight vs Lockheed Martin (I mean McClennan Forestor)'s personal army.
Commercial Break - Sin City commercial *drools*
7:27 - Audrey can't handle Jack's badassitude - bring back Sarah Wynter!
7:30 - I think Tony was playing Solitaire in the back. Meanwhile, the body count is about to go waaaay up...
7:45 - "Some people are more comfortable in hell"
7:55 - Ooooh, Tony and Michelle still looove each other.
Meanwhile: Marty Jannety is wrestling on RAW? Is it 1995?

More Rocco analysis on 24's CTU:
"Rocco: also heller directly appointed tony CTU director, so that whole theory that i had went out the window. now in my head CTU is a seperate agency that is overseen (obviously not as hands-on as heller has been, but still overseen) by the national security council. of which heller is a part
Me: that actually makes more sense
Rocco: so, based on that, heller, keeler, the vp, or the secretary of state have direct power to do that. i guess. tv show, tv show."
I'm back biotches!
I've been gonna for a little while, but now I'm back! Here's a gift for you:

As if the original numa numa song wasn't gay enough.

Mar 1, 2005

Rocco on 24: "According to the book, CTU is a branch of the CIA. as such it is an independent agency. heller is not in charge of CTU; his only involvement with them is his direct involvement in the days events. he's just staging his operations from CTU, and the two happen to conincide. the whole CIA connection is never really hinted at during the tv show, though, so who knows if the book is considered canon or not. it is an official book, though, so that's good enough for me. the other issue that arises, then, is the fact that the CIA can't collect information on american citizens in the US. the answer to that quandry would be 'it's a tv show. dammit'."