Jul 29, 2007

Transformer Noises!

I tried to onomatopoeia the sound but it just came out cheechoochoochachee:

Captain Jibidy Issue 77

Jul 26, 2007

He can stay and guard the base!

Of all the Autobots to survive...

Maybe the best Youtube videos ever:

Jul 22, 2007

More Jibidy

This time with real Jibidy (and maybe some Spongebob):

Captain Jibidy 76

Jul 16, 2007

A bunch of random cool stuff

Here's a roundup of a few links over the past couple weeks that you may not have seen yet:

www.Zudacomics.com - DC's newest foray into webcomics. Not sure if Jibidy could work with something like this.

www.someecomics.com - a great online greeting card website. For when you really want to tell someone that they aren't too good for online dating or it's been too long since we threw up on each other.

Some really great fake magazine covers: Pirate Life! Thomas Today Buddha Monthly

A Moment on Earth Mosaic - really neat photomosaic - Mom sent this to me today.

Mentos Intern - certainly an interesting summer job.

Jul 15, 2007

More Jib-jib-Jibidy

How are our heroes going to get out of this one?

Captain Jibidy 75

Jul 10, 2007

Robots blowing stuff up!

My updated movie list (a note: I retired Pan's Labyrinth, as a friend mentioned it was theoretically a 2006 movie - I just happened to see it Jan 2 or something. This will allow for some action/movement at the top of the list)
  1. Hot Fuzz (new #1!)
  2. Pirates III (new to list)
  3. Transformers (new to list)
  4. 300
  5. Grindhouse
  6. Knocked Up (new to list)
  7. Live Free or Die Hard (new to list)
  8. Black Snake Moan
  9. The Host
  10. Spider-Man 3
  11. Zodiac
  12. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Guy (new to list)
  13. Shrek 3
  14. Ghost Rider (sadly still at the bottom)
Still on the list to see this summer: Harry Potter 5, Ocean's 13, Bourne Supremacy, Stardust, Superbad

Jul 7, 2007

Happy 7.7.7! Your present? A new Jibidy

I wonder how the plan with the Trojan Penguin is going:

Captain Jibidy 74