Jun 28, 2007

New Jibidy

Sorry for the long delay between issues - but here is the next chapter of the epic "Rescue of Jibidy":

Jibidy Issue 73

Jun 20, 2007

The TV Season: A Report Card

New Shows (either to tv or just me):

Heroes - I waited and waited for this show to be the show I wanted it to be all season long as it built toward a monumental end that I just didn't find at all monumental. I really hope it relies less on its serialized nature and focus on telling good stories in the world it has built next season. C+
Studio 60 - this was the little show that couldn't. I think it got better and better as almost every episode passed and Sorkin's preaching really played well with me (as it didn't in West Wing), but it was never able to create and maintain the kind of momentum it needed to survive. B+
Veronica Mars - this was new to me. I watched seasons 1 and 2 over the summer and got hooked. It's bittersweet to start watching a show that I think was probably doomed from the start of the season. At the very least, it got me hooked on my number 1 crush, Kristen Bell. A-

Returning Faves:

24 - Where do you go after detonating a nuclear bomb during the season premiere? The writers of 24 struggled to answer that question over and over and at one point even rebooted the series with a lame Chinese subplot. Powers Boothe as VP Daniels sweated intensity and was maybe the real reason I kept watching. C-
Grey's Anatomy - I really liked a lot about this season. There were a couple things I didn't (George/Izzie for example) but I still really enjoy the interplay of these immensely fragile and imperfect characters. I thought the season finale was particularly great. B
Lost -Best show on tv, bar none. The show started slowly but really picked up pace and never let up. I can't say enough good things about it. A
Prison Break- I didn't know how this show would reinvent itself outside of the walls of Fox River (I mean, what show needs to reinvent itself in year 2?) But William Fichtner made this over the top thrill ride beat 24 at its own game. B
Sopranos - say what you want about the now infamous series finale, Sopranos managed to do in its last season what it did during its entire run - keep people talking. Was it disjointed? Yes? Gimmicky? Yes. But it continued to capture the human psyche better than anything else on tv. B-

Dancing With the Stars - My guilty pleasure gets better and better with each season!
Blade the Series - I still miss this. When will it come out on DVD?
Entourage - Still loving it.
Scrubs - Completely tired of it. I think syndication killed this show for me.

Jun 13, 2007

Busy Beaver

Sorry for the lack of updates - it's been raining a lot. Yeah, that's my excuse. Seriously - I had no plans last night and tonight but to write by the pool and both nights I've gotten caught in the rain. We even lost power tonight!

Went up to the mountains last weekend for a father-son fishing weekend. I fished for about 5 minutes and managed to catch a rock. Lot of fun though - nice to hang with the fam, eat food cooked over the fire and play a lot of cards and as always with my cousins, an unorthodox game of Risk. I also saw a really ugly amish baby and a sign that said "Mini Donkey 4 Sale" I wanted to stop and see just how mini it was. I guess like this. Beware the bad midi music.

Saw this crazy picture of a house with a tunnel through it today. More pics there.

Been really into the Danish band called the Breakers. You might have heard their song"Tried So Hard". And if you haven't yet, check out the Amy Whinehouse/Ghostface Killah version of "I'm No Good".

Sopranos finally ended and most people either think the finally was brilliant or stupid. I udnerstand why Chase did what he did (and it does work as a finale), but I still think of it as a betrayal to the fans who've followed this show despite massive delays for close to ten years. You're on notice Lindelof/Cuse! Now that the tv season is officially over, look for my tv season report card here soon.

Not new but still funny: Washington, Washington

If you don't have anything to do tomorrow at 6PM be sure to check out the last night of Tiny Ninja Theater at the Kennedy Center's Millenium Stage. It's a free (and hilarious) take on Romeo and Juliet